Totem: Nathan Holman's Masks Untamed

Wearable, paper replicas of Nathan Holman's wooden mask sculptures. Done while at Fresh Produce for the Ipso Gallery Exhibition, Totem: Nathan Holman's Masks Untamed.

The sign for the show at Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce
An example of one of Nathan's original wooden masks.
An in-progress shot of my paper replica of Nathan's horse mask
An in-progress shot of my paper replica of Nathan's crocodile mask
Finished "Raven" design
Finished "Crocodile" design
Finished "Horse" design
Finished "Dog" design
Finished "Bull" design
Finished "Coyote" design
Finished "Wolf" design
A poster advertision the art show reception
The live stream URL
The masks in action during the exhibition reception.
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